At Moorooka Dental Care we believe that preventative dental care is the corner stone of a healthy smile, gums and teeth and as encourage patients to come visit our dental clinic at least once every 6 months for a comprehensive check-up, cleaning and if required fluoride treatment and x-rays.

We encourage our patients to come to visit our dental clinic at least every 6 months for a comprehensive check-up and dental cleaning. Check-up appointments are necessary in order to catch any problems before they could cause much bigger problems. For example, signs of gum disease such as bad breath and gum bleeding, can prevent future pain and loss of teeth if caught and treated early

preventative dental care

At these check-up appointments our team will also sit you down and talk you through any treatment required, answer any concerns you may have and let u know if there are any areas that may cause future problems but don’t necessarily need treatment immediately. Following these check-ups, a detailed printed treatment plan with the costs associated will be provided to you if required.